If you have had previous microblading done elsewhere, please contact us for a consultation before booking to confirm the best service for you.

Deposit is non-refundable, and included in the total cost.

Please read the Prep & Aftercare before booking.

Prices subject to change without further notice; deposit secures current price.

Please contact with any questions.


$520 + tax

Service options include Microblading, Shading, or Combination brows. During the appointment, a consultation is provided first thing to discuss your brow goals, and the service is chosen based on this.

Optional: if you know you want a specific service prior, please type it into the "Notes" section while booking.

All brow services last 1-3 years or longer. 


$50 + tax

One-time touchup within 6-8 weeks of first appointment. Highly recommended to book after your initial session to complete the service and perfect the healed results. Can be used for spot retouch, darkening the colour, and adjusting shape if desired.


$150 - $250 + tax

Any returning client touchup after the 6-8 week mark. Recommended to book once the brows start fading significantly; usually, every 1-3 years. Can be used for refreshing the colour and shape of your brows, as fading over time is expected.

Refresher pricing within:

<6 months - $150 

6-12 months - $200

12-36 months - $250

36+ months - 30% off full price


$175 + tax

Enhance or create realistic freckles with micropigmentation. An adorable natural dusting of freckles will be hand-tattooed across the nose and cheeks. Lasts 1 -3 years or longer.


$90 + tax

Enhance your natural features with hand-tattooed beauty marks. Add up to 5 cute beauty marks on your face. Lasts 1-3 years, or longer.


$120 - $180/session + tax

Contact us for package pricing

Have you had permanent makeup in the past that you want to get rid of? We can fix that! Lift unwanted ink from the skin by booking Botched Ink® Saline Removal sessions. Contact us for a consultation.


$90 + tax

If you are new to learning about microblading, and have questions about the services provided, or would like to see your brow design before booking, we offer the Premium Consultation.

A 45-minute time slot will be dedicated for you to come in, and Ashley will provide a one-on-one consultation to discuss your brow goals and whether this service is right for you. If you would like to see the potential outcome of your PMU, a draft of the desired shape can be drawn with makeup.

This is an optional, additional consultation, as a regular consultation is included on the day of full NEW CLIENT appointment booking.

Ashley also offers complimentary photo and video consultation; please contact if you would prefer a free assessment.