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Prep & Aftercare Products

It's no secret that preparing for and caring for microblading requires time and effort (see our Prep & Aftercare guide). However, the whole process can be simple and even enjoyable with the right tools and products! 

We've included some of our favourite products below. They have already helped many customers breeze their way through the preparation and healing stages for microblading!

1. No Caffeine? No Problem!

The fact is, drinking caffeine within 8 hours of your appointment can lead to light and undesirable microblading results. One of the best substitutes for your coffee or breakfast tea is Chaga. It has a lightly earthy taste, and offers a boatload of health benefits. One of the best brands is Vimergy Chaga Mushroom Powder on Amazon. This brand of chaga is super finely ground, and dissolves well in liquid. Combine it with oat milk, honey, and cinnamon for a cozy drink before your appointment. Coffee die-hards can add a couple ounces of decaffeinated coffee.

Use this handheld mixer to get a yummy, frothy latte!

2. Use This To Keep Your Brows Dry

Screen Shot 2023-08-13 at 11.22.59 PM.png

One of the aftercare rules that most people find difficult is keeping their brows dry while showering. With this simple yet highly effective tool called the Shower Shield, your brows will be well-protected from water in the shower! To use, just wipe any makeup or oils off your forehead, peel the sticker off the back panel of the visor, and gently press it onto your forehead, shielding the eyebrows.


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