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Caffeine & Microblading - Do or Don't?

Are you an avid coffee drinker?

I know I am! However, as mentioned in the microblading Prep & Aftercare package on our site, it is important not to have caffeine before your appointment. This may sound unpleasant, but unfortunately excessive caffeine can often cause bleeding if you drink it prior to your microblading appointment - which ultimately leads to washed-out, blurry, gray healed results.

But, it can be difficult not to have a toasty delicious cup in the morning!

So, I wanted to share my favourite coffee alternative - it's called MUD\WTR.

A healthy blend of reishi, chaga, cinnamon, and other invigorating spices.

With a caffeine level similar to decaffeinated coffee, and an earthy chai flavour - it is the perfect substitution prior to your appointment. It also helps with natural focus; without the jitters and dehydration we get from coffee.

Wanna give it a try? As my client, you can now use my personal discount code, ASH10, on your orders!

Don't sacrifice your morning ritual for beauty - simply upgrade it! Add water, oat milk, and a dollop of honey or sweetener - mix it up and you have yourself a healthy morning glow drink, fit for microblading prep! xx

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