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PMU Supplies

As Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Tattoo artists, we are constantly using and ordering critical supplies for our work. It can be helpful to find affordable products that ship quickly, which makes our lives easier. A lot of basic supplies are readily available on Amazon! Bookmark this page and you'll have an easy go-to checklist when ordering inventory.

1. Nitrile Gloves

Gloves are one of the most important items for completing a sanitary service! These black nitrile gloves are latex-free and are excellent for PMU procedures. If you have an Amazon business account, you can stock up to save money on larger quantities.

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 2.20_edited.jpg

2. Microblading Handles (Without Needles)

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 2.29.04 PM.png

Many artists are picky when it comes to microblading handles, as they are available in different thicknesses and lengths. My favourite to use are these handles by Stylia, which fit most needles (sold separately). However, I do not recommed buying needles from Amazon. Only the BEST quality needles should be used, which are from Bowler Esthetics.

3. Dental Bibs

Dental bibs are a must-have for a sanitary, organized trays setup. These dental bibs come in a variety of colours, and you can also place them behind your client's head on the bed when you're working. They work great for photographs, as they act as a backdrop for your client's lovely new brows.

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 2.37.04 PM.png

4. Eyebrow Razor

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 5.02.06 PM.png

It's important to shape your client's brows and clean up any stray hair before microblading so you have a crisp outline to work with. These Tinkle brow razors are excellent for painlessly and efficiently shaving stray brow hairs. These are even a great recommendation for clients to use at home in their weekly brow grooming routine.


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