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Comfort Collection

Microblading sessions are typically a few hours long, and often quiet as your artist works on your brows. To make your experience (or your client's experience) as comfortable as possible, bring a few of these products into the studio space!

1. Cozy Blankets

When laying still for a long period of time, it can become cold. Some clients even fall asleep when they are cozy underneath a blanket. This fleece blanket will keep you cozy during your session. If you're supplying blankets for your studio, just be sure to have multiple on hand, as they do have to be washed between each use.

Screen Shot 2023-08-13 at 11.48.21 PM.png

2. Bolster To Reduce Back Pain

Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 12.41.04 PM.png

Some clients may experience back pain when laying flat for long periods of time. This can be remedied by providing a bolster or pillow for under the client's knees. An excellent choice is this round bolster that can be placed under the client's knees.

3. Foam Bed Padding

This item goes hand-in-hand with the knee bolster; if you have one, you need both! A massage table pad will make the world of a difference for your client. The extra padding will help prevent back pain and soreness from laying for extended periods of time; especially since many massage/service tables aren't super when it comes to padding. A memory foam pad may also work, but may need to be cut down to size. Both options should be covered with this vinyl cover that is easily disinfected.

Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 12.48.47 PM.png

4. Relaxing Music

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at

The studio will be a welcoming, comforting environment with the right music. Playing relaxing music during the microblading session can help soothe nerves and create a positive energy. Spotify is a good option for new and mainstream music, and ad-free royalty-free music is available for download on Epidemic Sound


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